We have a few boxes of 22 long rifle ammo in stock now.

Have more AR parts in,Barrels,hand guards,gas blocks & tubes,more.


CIA TP9SA, SA only,2 18rnd mags,holster mag loader +4.47"bbl

 these are nice,      $345

GLOCK 43 9MM LUGER FS 6-SHOT,These shoot and handle nice.

the size makes it a sweet concealed carry pistol.   $440.00



TAU CARB CT9 G2 9MM,Semi Automatic,Black Anodized

Ambidextrous bolt catch & mag release,2 10 rnd mags

  Sweet shootin carbine.                              $425



BCA 47 side charging,7.62X39,shoots steel case just fine


BCA[Bear Creek Arsenal] 47,7.62x39 w/BCG

 Shoots steel case ammo great       

                                   Only $320              

Anderson Diamond upper 223 Wylde diamond fluted barrel

Parkerized,1.9 rifling w/BCG

                                       Only $420                                 

Anderson upper,556 1:8 .A really clean and light feeling upper,no BCG. $225 on sale $215

I do have BCG,s in stock.Everything you need to build your AR,You will find right here.

We now have AR barrels and a few hand guards for your own upper build.


Bear Creek Arsenal,stripped lower receaver    $55

 Have a few of there barrels in also,Great prices

Mag Tactical systems stripped lower,magnesium alloy,

Makes this lower 35% lighter than other lowers,

multi calliber,have a few black ones left                     $55

Anderson manufacturing lower,save and build it the way you want

another multi cal. receaver,.223,5.56,300blackout more      

Only a few left. Not sure when Andersons will have more.     $47

We're now dealers for the powerfull Coonan 357 magnum atoumatic

They are introducing a compact version and are now taking order for them.

so get your order in now.

Walther PPX M1 .40 ss 14rnd reversable mag release.  $329.

EAA Tanfolio Witness P compact 9mm,12+1rnd sa 28oz

 3.6"bbl                    $300.00

EAA Tanfolio Witness P compact 9mm 12+1 28oz

  3.6"bbl                   $300.00

S&W M&P SHIELD 9MM 7/8RD  2 mags 3.1"bbl,mat black s/s slide,19 oz.

striker fired,short consistent trigger pull   $379

Have a .40sw shield also.

XDS 45ACP or 9mm 6+1,7+1 for the 9.Comes w/holster,double mag.pouch.

These shoot realy nice for there small size. $480

Rock river Arms mid A4 AR1239 Hogue grip RRA Trig.  $825

DPMS PANTHER ORACLE 5.56/223 30 rnd 16"bbl


Del-ton DTI-15 556 nato 16" 30rnd    


S&W SD9VE 9mm 4"bl 16 shot ss

         ONLY $320

S&W M&P9 9mm 2 17rnd mags,


Keltec PF9 9mm blue/tan thinnest/lightest  c/carry 9mm available          $250.00                             

SAR K2P 9mm w/rail 17rnd.  If you havent shot one of these

your in for a supprise they are sweet!      $340

Walther P22 .22LR 3.42"brl  10rnd mag. Gun tests Best buy


Chiappa CITADEL 1911-22 .22lr Hogue grip fbr0pt sights

Full size wieght and feel.Two 10 rnd mags.


excl. VAT

Walther HK 416

Tactical Rim 22 Long Rifle. 20 round mag.

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Walther HK 416

$500.00 excl. VAT

Tactical Rim 22 Long Rifle. 20 round mag.

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CANIK 55 SHARK-C 9mm compact chrome 3.95"BBL


TAURUS M85 protector poly 2" 38 sp+p

5 shot ss cyl. pink+black grips